10 easiest ways to Increase website traffic

10 easiest ways to Increase website traffic
Every site needs traffic for earning revenues or increase customers visits. Here I will discuss some important points to increase site traffic. It is simple and easy to do.

1 Advertisement

Paid Advertisement, Paid Social Media Advertisement are important ways to attract more visitors to your site, building your product ads and getting your site in front of your customers. It is very easy way to increase site visitors. For this you can use Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and all type of social media platform ads. If your site get more traffic then your customers will also increased.

2. Social Media Posting

Always remember that social media will also help to increase site traffic. Update contents regularly  on your site and post contents on social media. You can create your business page on social media also and post you contents. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. are the most important for post your contents and increase site traffic.

3. Try to  Increase Backlinks

Backlinks is very important of your site. It is the part of Search Engine Optimization where your site link connected to other sites. It will increase your site ranking in search engines and you will get more organic traffic. If a person visit that site where your site link available then person clicks it and you will get new visitors for your site. There are million directory listing site helps you to create your site backlink.

4. List business/ websites in Local Listings

There are several local listings sites and directory where you can list your business website with free or paid services. Try to list your site/business on those directory or submission sites to create strong backlinks. This site also provide the listing services in free or paid. You can submit your business here also.

5. Site should be faster

Your site should be faster for fast loading. Try to reduce the loading time of your site. It will be effect your search engine ranking. Your site should be load less than 30 seconds. Try to compress your site images, html files, css  files, js files to loading faster. Loading faster much better for your site ranking. If your site load faster than your bounce rate will be reduce. That will be  great for your site.

6. Always use long Tail Keywords.

Your keywords must be long tail keywords eg. “SEO Services in delhi”.  Every searchers try to search this long tail keywords so you have to use long tail keywords for searchers. Don’t missing it out.

7. Guest Posting

There are several guest posting site where you can submit your business blogs. Submit guest post regularly. It is very effective in SEO. You can submit here also your business blogs. For this you have to contact us.

8. Blog Commenting

You can also be a part of discussion of blogs and submit your link in your comment. This will help your site to increase backlinks.

9.Email Marketing

Never forget email marketing. Now these days it is very popular for online marketing. It is a powerful tool and with the help of it you can increase your website traffic easily and promote your product. You can send email about your new products and services and boost your traffic.

10. Your site should be Responsive and Faster

Your site should be responsive and faster also. It is all device friendly. Your site should be like support all popular devices eg. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop etc.

11. Check Traffic Regularly

Do all these things and not forget to traffic regularly of your site. You can do this by google tools like google analytics.

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